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Swearing - Starscape Style

Why Curse?

It had long since been proven that a certain amount of oath-taking was a healthy outlet, good for relieving the pressures of command and responsibility, and thereby reducing the strains a captain is subject to.

Creative cursing was highly recommended as an ulcer-preventative, and several generations of overstresssed cadets had raised the art to new highs of originality -- in the process, also proving that geniuses tend to have senses of humor radically different than those of lesser mortals. "The Great Bird of the Galaxy" for instance, had been created in one memorable session, and a whole new category of curses and blessings had been born as a result.

Scatological, sexual and religious-based curses, of course, were regarded as the work of amateurs. To be worthy of respect, a curse should arouse simultaneous sensations of pain and laughter in the listeners; it should bring tears to the eyes; indeed, a truly inspired oath should create ripples in the stress field itself and make all listeners within three parsecs turn around and stare in shock and admiration.

A mild Starfleet curse should curdle an egg in its shell; a strong one should do it before the egg has even been laid.

- David Gerrold , Star Trek: The Galactic Whirlpool

Frakipedia is a lexicon of fictional curses, swear words, and oaths. Creative cursing has been around as long as there have been fans. Take the case of Ghu: a 1935 fannishinvention.

Frakipedia is your guide to cursing creatively -- without violating anyone's religious principles or social rules.